March 28th - April 3rd, 2021

Day Six of our trip…

On Friday we went to the historic shopping area by the docks in Galveston, TX. They allow you to drink alcoholic beverages openly on the streets while you shop! This is very cool! I got a Mango/Strawberry smoothie drink which had a very high content of rum in it! I could only drink half of it because of the buzz it gave me. Julie drank the rest. 

Strand Street on Galveston Island

A pirate ship in port.

Harbor House Hotel

Before heading back to the resort to rest, we decided to take a tour of an Oil Drilling Platform that was converted into a museum. There was tons of information about the Oil Platforms and the different types all throughout the three levels of the rig. 

Outside the Oil Platform Museum.

Drill bits used on the rigs.

Powerful machines to turn the drill bits.