March 28th - April 3rd, 2021

Day Seven, Our last day in Texas…

Saturday morning we got up at the crack of dawn. We wanted to try to get to Snow’s BBQ in Lexington before they ran out of brisket. I understood that Snow’s BBQ was slated the “Best” BBQ in the entire state. So, we had a 3 1/2 hour drive to get to our destination… and some of the drive was in the rain! We got out of our hotel in Galveston by 6am and onto the 290 Beltway …off to Lexington. I thought that we would get there with enough time to get some really good BBQ. Unfortunately, we arrived around 10:30 in the morning and the line was around the block!

Sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico

We waited 3 1/2 hours in line to get to the meat counter. By then they had sold out of everything!!! All that was left was a few links of their “Home-Style” sausage. We bought the last BBQ they had that day! Even though we didn’t get any brisket, we were able to taste their amazing sausage and enjoy all the flavors in their smoked meats! Yes, it was the best smoked sausage that I have ever had!

The line to get into Snow’s BBQ

Outside the store in the rain.

Inside the Pit of smokers with the Queen of Texas BBQ: Pitmaster: Tootie.

After now getting any brisket at Snow’s… we decided to head back to Austin to get some really good BBQ. We drove straight to Iron Works! We had 3 hours before we needed to return the rental car and check through TSA before boarding our flight back to LAX.

Not bad, but also not the best we tasted in Texas.

Our week in Texas will be full of wonderful memories of the beautiful cities and towns we encountered along with all the great BBQ we enjoyed!! Although, Julie and I agreed that we would not pick Texas as a place we would move to… we both look forward to many more trips to Texas in the future!

A broken-up old barn, just 10 minutes southwest of Lexington, Texas.

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