March 28th - April 3rd, 2021

Day Four of our trip…

Leaving Waco, Texas and heading down to the Gulf coast! It took the entire day to make the trek down to the island. We wanted to see the countryside so we stopped and looked around a bit. Our first stop along the way was in Calvert, Texas. A very small town just north of College Station on state highway 6. We decided to do a little shopping at this cool Texas country store called “Cowboy Up Ranch Furniture”. The owner was there and made us feel very welcomed. He had some very cool stuff in his store and you could tell that he is a very proud Texan! Although he mainly sold furniture, he had a lot of nicknacks in the store. Of course we had to get some good old Texan BBQ rubs if we want to attempt smoking a brisket when we get home! This was a very cool stop on the way!

As a side note… Julie and I just bought a smoker yesterday and we are ready to smoke our first brisket with these rubs from Texas!

Our next stop on the road…

The next place we stopped at was for lunch. Yes, you guessed it… another BBQ place in Texas! This time we went to C&J’s BBQ in College Station, Texas… Home of Texas A&M University! The brisket was tender and juicy but we felt it didn’t live up to some of the other BBQ brisket we had during out trip. But the loaded-potatoes were amazing and the spicy sausage was top notch! I would give this strip mall venue “★★★★” for the great tasting spicy sausage!

We make it to Galveston…

We rolled into town at around 5:30pm after sitting in heavy traffic through-out Houston and down the highway into Galveston Island. After we checked into out hotel we walked to the pier, two blocks away, and had dinner at “Jimmy’s on the Pier!” Not bad food there. We shared appetizers and a burger for dinner. Great onion rings and burgers!

After dinner we headed back to our hotel to rest up for our adventure to the Houston Space Center the next day!