March 28th - April 3rd, 2021

Day Five of our trip…

We got up on Thursday morning, had breakfast, then headed to the Houston Space Center! There was so much to see in the museum, everything from moon rocks to the original Mercury capsule! They have an entire wall dedicated to all the Space Shuttle missions too.

This is a mock up of the rocket that shot Alan Shepard into orbit back in 1961 and made him the second man, first American, to go into space. 

This is a Falcon 9 rocket from Space X that is on display at the Houston Space Center.

This is the A-7 Rocketdyne rocket that was used on the Mercury missions from 1960-1961 buy NASA.

This is one out of five remaining Saturn 5 rockets left from the Apollo missions. It is stored in 

The under side of the Space Shuttle’s wing. You can see the detail in the foam panels that protected the astronauts from the heat from reentery.

Amazing engineering went into this orbital.

Another side view of the Space Shuttle on the back of a Boeing 747.

The watch they used when NASA went to the moon.